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Stay focused on your goals.
Challenge yourself to succeed.


Create energy.
Achieve goals quickly.

Exponential Growth

Accelerate business development.
Increase profits.


Outside-the-Box Thinking

Expand your thinking.

Set Your Goals

Choose the goals that support your business development plan.


CEO Networking

Spend time with people that understand you. They are at your level; face the same challenges; and want to achieve similar goals.

Safe Space

All discussions are confidential.
Share struggles and obstacles.

Make Better Decisions

Six heads are better than one!
Learn from others’ mistakes.

Solve Problems Faster

Do not reinvent the wheel.

What is the Property Management Accelerator?

The Property Management Accelerator (PMA) is a mastermind group.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  ~ Aristotle

A mastermind group is a proven and highly effective business tool. Formal and informal mastermind groups have been part of our culture for centuries. Some examples include: King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table; Benjamin Franklin’s Junto; Franklin Roosevelt’s Brain Trusts; and the Inklings, a writer’s group in England whose members included CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

Few things can accelerate you toward your goals faster
than participating in a mastermind.”  ~ Michael Hyatt

A mastermind group is a meeting of motivated individuals who solve problems by challenging and supporting each other. The group dynamic creates energy and momentum to accelerate each member towards their goals.

What Do I Get?

As the old adage says, “You’ll get out of it what you put into it.”

The benefits of belonging to the Property Management Accelerator (PMA) are:

50% Less Expensive than a Business Consultant: If you’ve ever considered hiring a business consultant but cringed at the cost, then the PMA is your answer.

Exponential Growth: Achieve goals faster. Increase profits quickly.

Accountability: One of the best aspects of the PMA is that you stay focused on your goals.

Make Better Decisions: Six heads are better than one. Skip the mistakes other members have made.

Goals: Each member sets their own goals.

Safe Space: Group discussions are confidential. Share struggles and successes. Group discussions are confidential.

Momentum: The group creates energy which pushes you to achieve goals faster.

CEO Networking: It’s lonely at the top. Get to know other professionals who do what you do.

Solve Problems Faster: You gain access to the experience and knowledge that each member brings to the group. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Outside-the-Box Thinking: Members offer varied perspectives to solve problems.

How does it work?

Professionally Moderated Meetings
Our groups are professionally moderated. Meetings run on time. Members are kept on task. All administrative tasks for the group are provided. Members can concentrate on growing their business without worrying about organizing a group or running a meeting.

Small Groups
Each group has no more than 6 members.

Meeting Place & Time
We host online video conferences for your meetings. Each meeting is 2 hours long. Groups meet once per month.

One Year Membership
The PMA membership runs for 12 months.


Goal Update: Each member will update their current goal. And share what was accomplished since the last meeting. (15 min)

Hot Seat: 3 members get time to focus on one challenge or issue they need help solving. (20 min per person)

Member presents the challenge (5 min)
Group asks questions (5 min)
Group brainstorms solutions (10 min)

Action Item & Picks: Each member chooses ONE action item they will accomplish before the next meeting and shares a “pick” or resource they have found useful. (15 min)

What is a hot seat?

A hot seat is time to focus on one member’s specific problems or challenges. During a hot seat the group will listen to the issue then give feedback on ways to solve a problem or overcome an obstacle. Members will complete a worksheet before their turn in the hot seat. Hot seats are about 20 minutes long.

Do I have to attend a meeting when I’m not in the hot seat?
YES! The goal of a mastermind is to work collectively. It is just as important to support your fellow group members as it is to get feedback for your own challenges.

Who should join?

Join the Property Management Accelerator if you are:

  • Open to change yourself and your business
  • Determined to achieve your goals
  • Supportive of others to achieve their goals
  • Willing to share your knowledge
  • Someone who has a positive attitude and a sense of humor
  • Committed to attend every meeting

How do I get started?

We require an application and a brief interview to join a group. Mastermind groups are successful when members are committed and motivated. Masterminds are not for everyone. We are looking for individuals who will thrive in the group.

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Property Management Accelerator

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