Every business has growing pains. When you start a property management business there are laws to learn, regulations to follow, owners and tenants that are demanding and policies and procedures that need to be created. It can be overwhelming. Even seasoned property managers who want to add a new service or re-structure their business can go through a period of growing pains.

SMART Systems
Define Policies & Procedures

Let’s say a tenant wants to add a pet to their lease. A smart system will take the request, process it and approve it. Your company policy is hard-coded into the system for adding a pet.  No stress. No frustration. Follow the checklist and it’s done.

SMART Systems
Reduce Risk

An application comes in for a property. You grab your checklist and get to work. Every applicant goes through the exact same screening procedure. Avoiding fair housing violation can save you thousands of dollars.

SMART Systems
Improve Customer Service

A tenant calls and asks about adding a wireless alarm to the property. No reason to put a tenant on hold and shout over the cubicles about how to answer that question. You’ve got a system that addresses this.

Early Bird Discount

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The membership includes:

  • LIBRARY of forms, checklists, letters, email and more.
  • COURSES on property management systems and processes.
  • LIVE EVENTS such as Q&A sessions, interviews and group coaching.
  • NETWORK with other property managers in our community.

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