Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Property Management Accelerator?

The PMA is a membership website for property managers who want to take control of their
business goals. Our focus is on systems and processes to master the day-to- day operations so
that you can focus your time and effort on other things – like caring for a family or accelerating
your growth.

What is a Membership?

The Property Management Accelerator is a subscription program. You can join a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. We make it easy for you to cancel anytime.

Why a membership model?

Joining a community of property managers who are working on the same types of projects is extremely valuable. Creating a checklist is easy, but creating an entire office operations systems is hard work. It cannot be done with just one class. The process takes time to perfect. The membership model allows us to provide support to our members throughout the entire process.

A membership model provides more value than buying a single course or a bundle of forms. A membership provides ongoing support. We don’t want to nickel and dime our customers. If we sold every class, training or form separately we would spend most of our time selling you the latest product we created. We don’t want to run our business that way. We want to create a supportive community where we offer an ever-expanding library of courses, training and documents to all our members.

What does the Property Management membership include:

When you become a member you have access to everything we offer

  • In-depth Courses
  • Jumpstart Training
  • Community Forums
  • Live Webinars
  • Document Library

Is the Master Online Checklists course the only in-depth course in the membership?

The Master Online Checklists course is our core content in our system building program. However, we also have Going Paperless: Scanning Policies & Procedures. We continue to add in-depth courses that focus on key property management policies and procedures.

What is Jumpstart Training?

In addition to in-depth courses, we offer Jumpstart Training that introduces you to new topics, technology and quick wins. For example, Jumpstart TextExpander. This is a video about how to use TextExpander to create snippets of text to use over and over again.

What live webinars are included in the membership?

We offer a monthly Ask Me Anything live webinar. We also offer a variety of other live webinar topics – from software demos to guest speakers. Live events will be recorded. The recordings will be available in the membership.

Will I have direct access to you? What kind of support will I get?

Yes. You can get all your questions answered at the monthly Ask Me Anything webinar or post your questions in the community forums. We believe sharing information and solutions with all members is a valuable aspect of the membership. We also encourage each member to create a Progress Log in the community so we can help you as you move through the process of creating your systems.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time. You can also come back anytime you want to.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30 day – no questions asked – money back guarantee.

What is a Price Promise?

We promise that when you sign-up today your monthly/annual subscription price will never increase when you renew. However, if you cancel your subscription and then wish to return, then you will pay the current membership price at the time you re-join. 

How do I cancel?

We make it easy to cancel your membership. Go to My Account > Subscriptions > Cancel.


You can access all the resources in the Property Management Accelerator for $97/mo.

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