I’m Jennifer Kellogg, co-owner of Kellogg Agency, Inc. We manage approximately 200 single family homes in Rio Rancho and NW Albuquerque, NM. My sister, Courtney Warnock, and I started the company in 2003. Our business philosophy is 1) keep it simple; and 2) never reinvent the wheel. With that in mind, I’ve created BetterLandlord.net to share the lessons we’ve learned so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

From Albuquerque to Boston

In 2014 I moved to Boston, MA. I work remotely for Kellogg Agency. I love Boston. My daughter was born here 20 years ago.


Teaching is my passion. I have been a Sociology Professor, corporate trainer, and a NM Certified Real Estate Instructor. My dad was a teacher and his mother too – it’s in my blood!

For Fun

I am an avid reader – mostly science fiction, but enjoy a good murder mystery every once in awhile. I enjoy photography. I take a lot of photographs and created scrapbook albums when my children were younger.  I’m a lifelong learner. I find new topics challenging – whether it’s a style of cooking or research on nutrition. I have traveled internationally and hope to do more traveling in the future.


We joined NARPM as soon as we started our business. It is has been the single best thing we ever did for our business. I have served as the Albuquerque Chapter secretary and president. I have served on several regional conference committees. I have been a speaker at National Convention and the Broker/Owner Retreat; served on the National Nominating Committee; and been a member of the National Strategic Planning Committee. If you are not already a member, I highly recommend it.

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