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Is your property management business stuck?
Do you want to grow but can’t seem to get past the day-to-day tasks?

Let us help you get moving again.
Master the systems and processes you need to accelerate growth.

Have you ever said…

  • Did anyone move in that new tenant?
  • Has the stove at Maple Meadows been fixed yet?
  • Where is the lease for Oak Lane?
  • Did the owner approve the new fridge for Pine Street?
  • Ack – I didn’t know that Willow Branch gave notice!
  • Did the applicant for Silver Leaf bring in the security deposit?
  • Are all the invoices in so I can close out Aspen Grove’s security deposit?

I could go on and on because ALL of these have been shouted from the cubicles at our office. Since 2003 we have developed office systems that have tamed the chaos that is running a property management company or managing your own rentals.

Learn, Share and Take Action

A DIFFERENT APPROACH offers a different approach to selling online classes and services. Our goal is to assist you with creating the best systems you can for your business. We do that through teaching courses, offering a community of property managers and providing professionally facilitated mastermind groups.


Learn how to create systems. In our learning library, we offer a variety of self-paced courses, done-for-you forms, customizable checklists and other resources. We add valuable material regularly.


Share what you’ve learned. Ask questions, share experiences and network in our forums. Our forums are secure and private. They are organized by property management topics so you can easily find or ask questions about a specific topic. Don’t re-invent the wheel!

Take Action

Take action with a mastermind group. Implementation is essential if you want to make progress in your business. We offer professionally moderated mastermind groups of 6-8 individuals. Meetings focus on goal setting, taking action, and accountability.

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